dnialh's CTF Contest 1

Welcome to the first iteration of dnialh's CTF Contest. What does CTF stand for? You'll have to wait to find out.

The contest is unrated and will run from Sunday March 31st to Sunday April 7th (including Monday April 1st). There is no contest window (problems will be open for the full window).

The contest is organized by dnialh_.

Thanks to Gilwall_ and conqueror_of_dnialh for testing.

Here are the parameters of the contest:

  • Number of problems: 10, full feedback (you will see the results of your submissions instantly).
  • Each problem will be worth 100 marks, and may have partial marks in the form of subtasks.
  • Scoreboard will be visible.
  • Number of submissions allowed per problem: 50.
  • This contest is unrated.
  • It is guaranteed that all problems will be solvable with Python.


  • $20 First Place Prize
  • $15 Second Place Prize
  • $10 Third Place Prize
  • $15 First Solve Raffle
    • For each problem the first eligible solver of the problem will get one raffle ticket. If an unsolved problem has partial credit, the (first) highest scorer will get a first solve ticket. The prize will be given to a random First Solver, weighted by number of first solves. First and Second Place finishers are ineligible. If Third Place wins the raffle the Third Place prize goes to Fourth Place.

Prizes will be distributed by Venmo (or any form we agree on).


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Capture The Flag 5 29.8% 72
Collate The Findings 0 15.3% 35
Committing Time Fraud 0 1.8% 7
Carving Tiny Fractions 25p 5.3% 4
Conquer The Future 0 44.4% 7
Continuous Time Finance 0p 68.8% 28
Catching Their Flights 0p 3.4% 11
Click The Formulas 0 56.3% 7
Cryptic Tile Forge 0 24.3% 9
Capture The Flag 2 12 50.0% 9